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Who We Are?

Hi there, is founded by Sam, 32 years old guy from Finland. Sam's passion is sports and a sporty lifestyle! In his opinion, a sporty lifestyle includes healthy eating and exercise. Sam has been hockey. After a career in hockey, CrossFit took the man with him!

He has been using a massage therapist and all kinds of massage equipment for years, but nothing has been good enough.

Sam got into a motorcycle accident 4 years ago and had a broken right leg femur. During his rehabilitation, the physiotherapist used various electrical impulse therapies for his muscles. They helped her tremendously and her recovery was faster than you ever expected!

Sam had worked in the finance industry for many years and had experience working with companies working with clients and customer service. He wanted to investigate the effect of electrical impulse therapies on recovery, through luck he found articles and research on the subject, and then began to look for such "hand" massage devices on the market! And he found the manufacturer of Hyperblade™ in China! Who had patented that device internationally!

Sam reached an agreement with the hardware manufacturer and that is how the Hyperblade™ story began!

Sam has years of customer service experience making it the most important thing at Second, of course, is the product, which cannot be denied that Hyperblade™ is not. Thousands of people have already purchased the product and keep in mind that users of this product are usually experienced athletes and have certainly used other products as well. And yet they all agree on Hyperblade™ superiority!

So hopefully we'll get you our customers too! We guarantee that you are happy with your purchase!

Best wishes,
Sam, CEO ceo sam
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